Thursday, June 1, 2017

Last CCS News & Events E-mail - Thursday, June 1, 2017


Summer Time

Thursday, June 1, 2017


Lost and Found
*LOST & FOUND ~ Please check the Lost & Found bin and recover your child's clothes, or other valuables.  Please note:   **Clothing and other items found in the lost and found bin on Friday, June 2, 2017 - will either be tossed or donated to a local charity.

 Medicine bottles-2
*MEDICINES IN THE OFFICE ~ Parents, do not forget to pick up your child's medicine in the school office.  All medicines must be picked up no later than Thursday, June 1, 2017. Medicines that are not picked up by June 1st will be tossed out appropriately.   


~ Special Message ~ 

We hope you are having a wonderful time at the Robert Livermore Center.  CFA tried to do the best they could with what they had throughout the last two years, and especially this year.    

CFA would like to thank so many of the parents who continuously helped throughout the year.  To those parents (you know who you are), who helped with the Friday hot lunches, auction, meetings, awards, and so many other things, too many to name, including today's swim party, "THANK YOU VERY MUCH!" 

We wish you the best and and many blessings as you go to new schools.  We ask that if you see any of the CFA leaders, teachers, or especially Ms. Nancy, please do not hesitate to stop and say "hi!"  Please, Please, Please. We continue to pray for each and every one of you and expect exciting new things to happen this coming year.

An extra big and special thank you to Rachel Scott, President of CFA, for her continued sacrifice and willingness to do all the running around, making phone calls, picking up food, waters, gatorade, It's-It ice creams, helping with teacher appreciation week, setting up activities - "THANK YOU MS. RACHEL!"  You made Calvary a better place because of your giving.  God Bless you. 

To Dr. and Mrs. C - Thank you for your years of service and commitment to the students of Calvary.  Your honesty, morality, guidance and wisdom is very much appreciated.  We continue to pray for you, for journey mercies and exciting new things are about to happen at your new school!

To the Teachers - Thank you so much for your daily commitment to the students.  You interacted with them on an almost daily basis.  You were in your classrooms every day teaching and guiding our children.  We pray that the Lord lead you and guide you to new schools and new exciting adventures.  

To every CCS (students and parents) - 
Remember to always keep Jesus first in your lives and in the center of everything that you do.  Stay in church, stay in a great strong children's and youth program.  Pray and read God's word daily.  Seek Jesus, not man.  Man will fail you, but God's word will NEVER ever fail you.  Go in peace!  Shalom!  Shalom!

We love you and pray the best for all of you,
Ms. Nancy 

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