Sunday, March 31, 2013

Easter Greeting from Pastor and Pam



easter cross Dear Friends, 

As we conclude Lent and prepare for the Joyous Celebration of Jesus' Resurrection, Pam and I wanted to wish all of you God's richest blessings!  Although this is our first Easter without at least some of our children or other blood relations, we rejoice in our new Church Family here at Calvary!

We thank you for the warm welcome you have given us!  If we had only that to be thankful for, it would be enough!  However, God has given us even more to Rejoice in as we gather together with a worldwide family of believers in Christ and celebrate that HE IS RISEN!

We wanted to thank everyone for their prayers for Pam's health!  And we wanted to thank all who participated in the Maundy Thursday Drama!  Especially Dave Schultz for coordinating and narrating!

Make sure to set your clocks and join us in the morning for:

SONrise Service-6:30am

Pancake Breakfast following 6:30am service

Traditional Service-9am

Community-Wide Easter Egg Hunt following 9am service!



In Jesus Name,


Pastor and Pam

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Connections - March 6, 2013

A Newsletter of Calvary Lutheran  CONNECTIONS

Prayer must mean something to us if it is to mean anything to God.
March 2013

Letter from the Pastor

Article By Kristi Morlock

Fiancial Report (Located in Narthex)
Hebrews 10: 25Let us not give up meeting together, as some are in the habit of doing, but let us encourage one another—and all the more as you see the Day approaching.
 Greetings Brothers and Sisters in Christ!
 Habits are hard to establish or to break!  Maybe you have even given up trying to control your habits?  Perhaps you have given up making New Year's resolutions or setting aside something for Lent. 
 In Hebrews, we see that this is nothing new!  Some in the Church have stopped attending; they have lost the 'habit.'  I am sure that many could tell you the reason(s) that they had stopped meeting together.  The donkey was sick, the children were unruly, they were working six days a week and the Sabbath was their only day off, etc. etc., etc.  Some probably had no real reason, they just had gotten distracted.  Each one, if asked, would most likely say that they 'knew they should be in Church' or that 'they intended to return, once life settled down.'
 You may be thinking right now about who should be reading this! 
 If you haven't gotten in the 'habit' of not opening your e-chronicle.
 Let me ask you about a few other 'habits' that seem to get crowded out in today's busy world, the 'habits' of daily prayer and daily Scripture reading.  Any positive 'habit,' or skill, that we stop – lessens us.  In modern language, "Use it, or lose it." 
 How do we get Back into the 'Habit' of doing something which we once did?  First, we need to remember the blessings that we received from the 'habit.'  In Worship, we are reminded of our absolute NEED for a Savior AND of God's mercy and forgiveness for us!  Plus, as we gather together, those around us are blessed by our presence!  Isn't it a joy to go somewhere where you are appreciated and welcomed?  Second, we need to give up our excuses, our wrong temporal priorities and focus on that which truly matters and lasts!  In my previous Parish, I had a number of young people and their families who didn't come to Worship because youth hockey or softball caused their priorities to shift!  I would love to say, "But it all worked out because now they play for the Sharks or the Giant's or A's", but no.  They sacrificed the option with Eternal importance for that which does not last.
 To use a passage out of context, but it really isn't, "He who does not gather with me scatters." Matt. 12:30  I look forward to gathering with you this, and every, Sunday!
 Yours in Christ,
Pastor Kelly  +SDG+
Phil. 4:8

Joyous Sorrow

By: Kristi Morlock

7th & 8th Grade Homeroom Teacher

            It is only March and already I have heard, "Is it June yet?"  There are whispers of impatience on the lips of young and old alike. The anticipation of summer break seems to start earlier and earlier each year – or I am simply becoming more aware of it. As we begin to prepare for graduation – making decisions about the ceremony, banquet, dance, and the class trip the following day – I see both the end of something beautiful and the beginning of something even more remarkable. I feel the joy of setting free my students and the sadness of having to do the same.

            Each year I have to fortify myself in the knowledge that my kids are not leaving us at Calvary so much as they are heading toward something even greater; they are heading toward their own destinies and bright futures. They are taking what they have learned here in this family and will add to it. Their foundations are nearly set; they are almost ready to build.

            While we tend to get caught up in the to-do lists and details of graduation, applications to high schools, family trips, graduation and confirmation parties, and the like, there is more to prepare for. These young men and women are about to embark on a new and wondrous journey. One filled with joy, struggle, hope, chaos, victory, defeat, tears, and success. Choices they make in the coming years will help them fulfill their dreams and goals as they find and pursue their careers and passions. They will make new friends, find new activities that draw them in, as well as weed out those things that no longer appeal to them – or never did. They will begin to see more fully just who they are, and as they do so they will take with them not only the love of the Lord, but also the love of each and every teacher, student, parent, and parishioner who touched their lives. They must be prepared to make tough decisions and good choices while knowing they have the support of those who love them. They must be willing to accept defeat graciously while continuing to work diligently in the face of that defeat.  

            This year I have the honor of being the homeroom teacher to a very special class for a second year in a row. I have seen and been a part of their continued growth for at least the last three years.  I know we started out in unfamiliar territory despite having had two years together already, but it has indeed worked out.  We have enjoyed some great field trips, amazing learning moments as well as a few bunny trails that found us discussing real and meaningful topics. There have been challenges, and there have been triumphs. More importantly, there has been growth.

            I do love the summer months. It is a time to spend with my other family, a time to relax and rejuvenate, as well as a time to prepare for the coming school year. I relish the joys of time with my husband and daughter as well as our annual visit to Montana to see my parents, extended family, and long-time friends. There are so many joys to celebrate in what is to come – yet I find myself fighting back tears as I ready myself to release such amazing young people to the future that is before them.

            As a parent I have learned that there is a separate place in my heart reserved just for my little girl; as a teacher I have known that there is also a separate place in my heart for each and every student. I know one day I will have to let my baby grow up, move on, and move out, but that place in my heart will always be hers. So as I struggle with my own conflicting emotions about sending my Calvary kids on to continue their stories, I also know that their places in my heart will always be there – as will the memories we have made – as we built and fortified not only their educational foundations, but also their spiritual ones.