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August 2012

Calvary Lutheran Church & School
August E-Chronicle   2012 

The Experience


June 21, 2012


Present: Barbara Adams, Sarah Anderson, Darlene Goldhammer, Jeff Jensen, Lee Strom, Guest: Principal Fred Brauer


Barbara Adams opened with a devotion based on II Cor. 6:16b-7:1. We often think attitude is not all that important and that we are just "going through a phase." Think of it as going through a mud puddle. When you step into such a puddle, how long do you plan to stay?   Do you want to wallow in it and feel sorry for yourself, wondering whether God cares?  That can happen on occasion before we are even aware we are wallowing. We need to go to the Lord frequently, allowing Him to empty our mud puddles and making ourselves available for whatever He has in mind.


Minutes from the May 10 meeting were confirmed by e-mail.


Principal Fred Brauer presented an update on our school. This included charts on enrollment per grade and the impact on finances by offering discounts to those who paid for the entire school year last spring. He also presented information on the summer school enrichment programs and daycare. In the upcoming school year, Spanish will be offered in additional grades. Fred also presented info on the WASC report, Cougar Parents' Association (CPA), formation of a School Committee, new efforts to collect past due tuition and other areas on which he is working.


The Elder Report from Dave Mueller stated that the Call Committee is waiting to hear from District regarding potential names to consider for our pastor replacement. We will have a visiting pastor on June 24, since Pastor Werth will be out of town. During the month of June, elders provided in-home communion for five members.      


The newly established Care Committee will meet with Barbara Adams to establish guidelines for the program. The committee members are Cindy Schultz and Dianne Flynn.


Treasurer Jeff Jensen stated that work on the budget for the next year is getting underway. Reports are being sent to each group in charge of budget funds showing their expenditures according to the budget up to this time.


Barbara Adams asked for each existing committee (Publicity, Care, Beautification, and Youth) to provide a brief monthly summary on a regular basis for BoG.


Three BoG members' two-years term of service will end soon. They may choose to run for re-election or not. The three members are Darlene Goldhammer, Jeff Jensen and Lee Strom.


Meeting ended with prayer by Barbara Adams.

Next meeting July 12, 2012

Congregational Meeting August 12, 2012


Respectfully submitted,

Darlene Goldhammer

BoG Secretary


* * * * * * * * * * *




For Pastor Stephen Oliver and his service to our Lord: For Mabel Stafne's successful rotary cup replacement surgery; For Carole Adams' sister-in-law, Dorothy~ her hand surgery was successful and no amputation was needed!; for all the volunteers for VBS! 


Peace in the World

President Obama and our country's leadership - For our soldiers in

Afghanistan: Justin Higgins, Frank Mitchell II; for those who are

overseas Thomas Caspersen; for those in the Reserves- Jonathan Ellis; Talitha Benz, now stationed in Arizona


For our Staff

Fred Brauer; Margie Luehrs; Chrystle Vincent; Traci McClain; Christina Grace; Bethany Chhom; Ellen Hackerd; Kristi Morlock; Mike Souza; Doug Henry; Kim Heggins; Blenda Schultz; Michelle Michael; Sherrie Akre; Carol Liston; Cecilia Guerra; Cindy Suppus; Lydiana Sanchez; Holly Contier; Pastor Lu


Peace and Comfort

For Louise Woodard at the passing of her son, John; For the family of Wanda Grimm who passed away on Monday- services will be held in Michigan; Karla Regnier family at the passing of Karla's mother, Willine 


Cancer Patients

Melody Saldate (having brain surgery on 7/27); Pat Brown; Evelyn Asker



Adolph & Mabel Stafne; Gisela Binder, macular degeneration; Anna Beasley; Jacob Ellis; John Ohanesian; Flynn Family


Expectant mothers

Grace Ramos- due Oct.; Colleen Martchenke- due August; Becky (Saldate) Banke- due Dec., Melissa McCartney- due January.


Unemployed and underemployed

Jerrie Moyer, Amy Sosa, Abby Einspahr




(Please email or call the church office 278-2555 to update your prayer requests. Requests will be removed after 3 weeks unless otherwise informed, Thank you)


Report from Call Committee

We have sent questionnaires to two candidates asking for some additional information. As soon as we receive this info we will arrange for phone calls to get to know each other a little better. The names of the two candidates are Rev Kelly Smith Sr. pastor at St Marks in Brooklyn, MI and Shawn Nettelton, Associate Pastor at Christ Lutheran, Orland Park, IL.   We will wait and decide whether we will recommend asking the Pastors to come to California.


You are invited to join in a Bible discussion group starting up again on September 9, 2012

We will be looking at 12 books of the Old Testament including Psalms, Proverbs, Esther, Song of Solomon plus some of the minor Prophets. What we do is read an assigned number of Psalms/chapters during the week and then get together on Sunday mornings to discuss. Some just listen....some talk....but we all get something new each week. If you think you'd like to come you will need to read the book of Esther before September 9th and then come and be a part of this group in the Library.

Love For Heroes-

 I want to update you on the Love For Heroes program.  In June we shipped boxes to two service members and in July we shipped packages to two additional service persons.  Thanks to your generosity we were able to fill the boxes with lots of nourishing  snacks, toiletries, books & games.  Additionally, the cost of mailing the boxes was fully funded. Our plan is to ship a box to each service member every three months for as long as they are deployed.  The people who received boxes in June will receive their next box in September and so on.  We will be asking you for donations again, as the need arises.  Please submit names of service members whenever you become aware of their need.   Thank you so much for your contributions and to the folks who helped pack the boxes and especially for your prayers for this program and for our service members.

Barbara Goldhammer

August Anniversaries

8/3       Donald & Maren Giannini                        44 years

8/5       David & Bethany Chhom                           1 year  

8/9       Kevin & Debbie Pye                                26 years

8/9       Fernando & Grace Ramos                        9 years

8/15     Kurt & Faith Scheuermann                      14 years

8/16     Gerald & Margie Luehrs                          37 years

8/16     Pastor Jim & Kathy Bothwell                     4 years

8/18     Ron & Holly Contier                               22 years

8/30     Ryan & Jamie Ernst                                3 years



August Birthdays  

8/1       Elaine Sandau

8/2       Diane Salo

            Bernadette Vigneau

8/3       Ryan Ernst

            Julianna Ramos

8/4       Tom McClain

8/13     Jared Manrique

8/17     Sophia Smith

8/19     Harv Goldhammer

            Marian Holland

8/20     Jacob Bass

8/21     Jamie Ernst

8/23     Nicole Mena

8/24     Megan Mueller

8/25     Faith Scheuermann

8/26     Amy Sosa

8/30     Darlene Geach

8/31     Ray Avalos

VBS - SKY! Summer 2012
Calvary 2012 VBS
August 6-10 from 9am-12pm  (ages preschool-9th grade)

Gift cards Available

Weekdays in the office and Sunday after church.  

Dates to Remember 

August 6-10- VBS "SKY"

August 12 Congregational Budget Meeting

August 18 CLS Beautification 9am-12pm

August 19 Teacher Installation & CLS Kickoff

August 22 CLS Begins




Reminder:  Voting Members of Calvary      

Since our Constitution of 2010 was not recorded in the District

Office, we will be using the rules for voting eligibility from the

Constitution and By-Laws of 1983, Page 2, Article 2, Section1 which states.....18 years of age or over, that you have read and understand the Constitution and By-Laws....There is not a 90 day waiting period with this Constitution.  If you have any questions, please let me or a member of the Board of Governance know. 

Thank you for your patience.  Barbara Adams, President, BoG




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Fwd: News from CNH District Office

July 24, 2012 
In This Issue
Jeff Morey Ordination
Chico State Campus Ministry
Church Organist Needed
Calls & Prayers
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Dear Friends in Christ,

May the peace of Christ dwell in your hearts and minds.

New Issue of MissionalLeadership Available
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The July, 2012 issue of MissionalLeadership is available for download. In this issue, you'll find articles that help you think through what it means to orient your mind and your life "missionally."

You'll find articles by:
     Rev. Eric Johnson
     Rev. Dr. Jeff Kloha
     Rev. Mike Lange
     Rev. Jay Reed
     Rev. Eric W. Robinson

Visitor Survey
Rev. Walt Rubke is conducting a survey of the reasons recent visitors decided to attend a worship service. The survey form is available as a pdf form here.

Once completed, please email it to him at Walt promises to share his results.
Jeff Morey Ordination

Morey Ordination Congratulations to Rev. Jeff Morey who was ordained and installed at Trinity Lutheran Church, Stockton, CA, on Sunday, July 1st. CNH District President, Reverend Dr. Robert Newton, ordained Pastor Morey, and he was installed by Pastor Tim Huber, who also served as mentor for Pastor Morey during his SMP studies. Former District President, Rev. Dr. Walt Tietjen (who grew up, went to school and attended Trinity) served as the Liturgist for the service. Congratulations to Pastor Morey and Trinity! 

Chico State
CSU Chico SealChico State students are welcome to the Divine Service at Redeemer Evangelical Lutheran Church, Chico, located at 1355 Hawthorne Ave. Web site:  Our congregation sponsors Lutheran Student Fellowship/Christ on Campus events with monthly dinners, studies, retreats, Bible studies, and events for students.  Transportation is provided with the church van.  Divine Service is at 10:00 a.m.   Sunday school 9:00.  Pastors, parents, and students are asked to make referrals, providing name of student, e mail, cell phone information to Pastor Donald Jordan. Phone (530)342-6085.  E mail  Our congregation welcomes you to Chico and stands ready to help you in body and soul with the Gospel and Sacraments of Jesus Christ.
Church Organist Needed

Holy Cross Lutheran in Conc Organ Pipes ord is seeking a new organist for our parish.  Sunday Services at 9AM, and Tuesday night choir rehearsals.  If you know of anyone or you are interested, please send your resume to Mike Liebe at, or

Calls & Prayers

Updated information regarding calls and vacancies is available on the District website. 

Call and Vacancy Information

Prayer Requests