Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Unclaimed dishes

Unclaimed Dishes
If you have recently brought a dish to share here with everyone, please remember to pick up you dish/container. If you do not pick them up they will be gotten rid of due to limited space.
Thank you;
Fellowship committee

Saturday, August 23, 2014

Rally Day & Teacher Installation Tomorrow!

Rally Day & Teacher Installation
Sunday, August 24, 2014

"Rally Day & Staff Installation" tomorrow Sunday, August 24th (9 am - 3 pm) ~ Food, Fun and Musical Entertainment.  Hot dogs and Hamburgers will be provided at no cost!

Remember - If the first letter in your last name begins with A-M, please bring a Dessert, if the first letter of your last name begins with N-Z, please bring a salad.  

Please bring your food items to the kitchen first before attending the staff installation.  (Please let us know if your dessert or salad has nuts in them by labeling them).  Thank You

See you tomorrow morning!!

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Rally Day & Teacher Installation

Rally Day & Teacher Installation
Sunday, August 24, 2014

"Rally Day & Staff Installation" this Sunday, August 24th (9 am-3 pm) - Food, Fun and Musical Entertainment.  Hot dogs will be provided at no cost!

Remember - If the first letter in your last name begins with A-N, please bring a Dessert, if the first letter of your last name begins with M-Z, please bring a salad.  

Please bring your food items to the kitchen first before attending the staff installation.  (Please let us know if your dessert or salad has nuts in them by labeling them).  Thank You. 


July BoG

If you are unable to view this email, please click here.

  e-news from Calvary Lutheran Church


Minutes of a regular scheduled meeting of Calvary Evangelical Lutheran Church Board of Governance (BoG) held at San Lorenzo, Ca on July 14, 2014 at 6:30 pm

 The meeting was called to order by Barbara Adams, Chairperson. BoG members in attendance: Barbara Adams, Rick English, Toni Troya and Sarah Anderson, Secretary. Absent: Carole Adams, Treasurer

 Admin: Principal Fred Brauer, No Elder attended. (Pastor Kelly Smith Sr on Vacation)

Congregation members:  Finance Chairperson: Barbara Goldhammer

Devotion: None

Opening Roundtable Prayers

The Chairperson declared the meeting was ready to proceed with business.  Minutes from prior meeting confirmed by email.

Principal's Report:  See Principal's Summary Report attached regarding new registrations, etc.. Calvary is waiting for fire marshal to sign off on the extra room for the preschool use.  The new application to increase preschool capacity from 39 to 46 does not require additional space.  Fall will start with three international Korean students.  Room, board, and transportation provided by a third party for the international students attending in the fall.  We have received several applications for the vacant school secretary position; currently considering three candidates.  Cougar Camp International is looking for 5th to 10th grade students who would be interested being an American buddy to our visiting international students.

Treasurer's Report:  Barbara Goldhammer reported loan paperwork to be signed 10am July 15 2014 with funding to follow in approximately seven business days.  Will need to request from the congregation suggestions for our direct missions funding.  Expect the final budget to be distributed on July 27 2014 with a congregational meeting on August 10 2014.  Movement made by Sarah Anderson to appoint Antoinette (Toni) Troya backup Secretary for the Board of Governance of Calvary Evangelical Lutheran Church to function full capacity.  Motion seconded by Rick English vote was unanimous in favor of the movement by all attending BoG members.

Properties Report: July property report attached.  Please submit maintained requests in writing.  There are forms next to the properties mail box in the administration building for your use. 

Pastor's Report:Vacation 

Old Business:  Holly's Bench: will request a decision from Pastor at August BoG meeting.

 New Business:   Movement made by Sarah Anderson and seconded by Rick English to accept and implement the Fundraising Policy Procedure and Request Form, Facility Usage Operating Policy Guidelines as proposed by Toni Troya.  Vote was unanimous in favor of the movement by all attending BoG members. Policies to review: Safe Policy, Key Access Policy and Key Access Request Form, Petty Cash, Fundraising Policy are the subject on the meeting scheduled for August 18, at 6;30 p.m. policy meeting.  August 18 policy meeting is a closed meeting.

The Board of Governance established a 2nd signer for Secretary of the Board.  Rick English proposed a motion for this individual to be Toni Troya, which was seconded by Sarah Anderson and passed unanimously by members of the Board.  

 Next BoG Meeting Scheduled for Tuesday, August 12 at 6:30 p.m.

 Minutes prepared by S Anderson


V Principal's Report                
July 13, 2014

Enrollment Update

 '13-14   Registered (end-of-year)    Registered '14-'15                                                                               
Pre-School              24           24             *PS: Capacity license of 39 students (new application 46)
Junior K                5              3
Kindergarten         10           14               *K:  Positive future growth
1st Grade               10           15              
2nd Grade              4            10  *1/2: Combination classroom capacity of 26
3rd Grade               10                    5                
4th Grade               7                      14               *3/4: Growth from 3rd to 4th
5th Grade               3                      4    
6th Grade               7                      3 + 1           ***** "3-5 Year Growth Plan" in progress *****
7th Grade               9                      7 + 1          
8th Grade               6                      10 + 1        
Total                    95                    109 (112)

Principal Notes

  1. Enrollment News:     July 13: (112 students enrolled)
  • Comparison to last year (June 5, 2013=64; July 2, 2013=80; Aug.6, 2013=85)
  1. Technology Update:
Contracted with "Ren Web" to upgrade school functionality & communication. Informational conversion is taking place. Parents will soon begin entering family portal info.
  1. Calvary Family Association: The "CFA" will become the new "Parent Association". Plans are underway to organize: Campus Clean-up Day, Rally Day, Rummage Sale, Classroom Socials, etc.
  1. Principal's Advisory Committee: The "PAC" is assisting in the visioning & development of Calvary Lutheran School (3-5 Year Growth Plan). Next meeting is July 21st @ 6:30 pm.
  1. Summer Programs:
  • "Calvary Club Summer Program" is doing well with Director Kim Heggins.
  • "Cougar Camp International" July 23-Aug.15 (Buddies, academics, sports, field trips, crafts, etc.)  Campers will attend VBS week (approx. 28 junior high students)
  1. Calvary International Academy: The "CIA" has 3 students registered for '14-'15.
  • Woo Jin Kwak...6th grade S. Korean student (4 mo.)
  • Su Hyuon Kim...7th grade S. Korean student (6 mo.)
  • Han Woong Wang...8th grade S. Korean Student (FT)
  1. School Secretary Job Posting: School secretary posting is available in Cougar's Roar & Craig's List.
  1. '14-'15 Teaching Faculty:
Chrystle Vincent (PS Director), Victoria Anklam (PS Aide), Gina Wilson (JK/K), Marjorie Luehrs (1/2 & Vice Principal), Ruth Heinitz (3/4), Fred Brauer (5/6 & Principal), Kristi Morlock (7/8), Pam Smith (Music), Joshua Clemmons (PE/Sports), Kim Heggins (CC Director), Blenda Schultz (CC Back-up)

Looking Ahead

July 15 & July 29...Calvary Family Association Meeting (6:30 pm Library RM)

July 21...Principal Advisory Committee Meeting (6:30 pm Conference RM)

August 9...Rummage Sale (8 am-4 pm)

August 16...School Clean-up Day & Backstop (9 am-12 pm)

August 21...First Day of School (1/2 Day)

August 24...Rally Day/Installation Sunday (9 am-3pm)


July 2014 Properties Report
New 5gal.electric water heater has been donated and will be installed to replace leaking 30 gal. Gas heater in the administration building.
Steve Ellis volunteered to draft a master map drawing of Calvary's campus. This will be on the largest paper our printer can handle. We will copy individual maps for things like Emergency Gas, Electric, Water Shut off and Earthquake/Fire evacuation routs.
Four illuminated EXIT signs were installed in the pre-school rooms to bring us into Fire Code compliance for the P.S. expansion to 36 children.
The holes in the sidewalk in front of the parish hall have been filled with patch cement.
The cracked and displaced concrete in the patio area at the top of the steps next to the booth constituted a tripping hazard. The damaged area was removed and high strength concrete patch material applied eliminating the hazard.
Weeds growing in the cracks in the parking/playground area have been sprayed (this is an ongoing problem). The parking lot needs some serious attention and if not addressed soon it will be lost and will be more expensive to replace.
Have been working with Toni on the KEY situation to get the paperwork and records to reflect what we have:
There are two styles of door key the old butterfly and the new flat style.
We also have a gate and various keys to lockers and cabinets.
We have three cuts to the door key:
Master which opens all doors.
General which opens doors to areas which are deemed not to need restricted access.(pastors, principle, ect.)
Door specific which will only open designated locks these are for outside groups using Calvary's facilities. (parish hall, new dimension singers, other congregations)
The gate key opens all master pad locks.
Have requested a list from Fred for all school persons who have keys and/or will need them.
Need a similar list from the Church side.
Karla has a partial list that needs to be updated and reconciled with Mr. Stroms.
Mr. Strom who for many years has been Calvary's keeper of the keys; He has expressed a desire to continue doing so. I will work with lee to bring the records and control of the keys up to date.
August 16 has been set as work party day to ready the school for the new year this needs to be promoted in Church and by the School for Parent Partition hours
Calvary is blessed with people who have taken on many of the small maintenance tasks necessary to keep our operation going.
I am going to make a list of these people and build on it to include more members of the Congregation and School families .
In His Service
Frank Mitchell
Property Chairperson





Friday, August 15, 2014

News & Events

Calvary Lutheran School & Church
"School Beautification Day is tomorrow!"

Sat., August 16, 2014
(8:00 am - 12 noon)




* Calvary Lutheran School & Church - "School Beautification Day" is tomorrow, Saturday, August 16th from 8:00 am - 12 noon!  Please remember to bring your simple tools, paint brushes and extra rags if you have any.  This is a great way to meet new and returning families as well as a great way to start off the year deducting those PPP hours. 

Others Reminders ~ Do not forget to mark your calendars:  
* Tues., Aug. 19th - "CFA Meeting" (Calvary Family Association).   All parents and families from Calvary Lutheran School & Church are invited to attend (6:30 pm)

* Thurs., Aug. 21st - "First Day of School!" - It is a Half Day! 
(8:30 - 11:30 am).   Chapel is at 10:45 a.m.  Parents are always welcomed to attend


* Sun., Aug. 24th - "Rally Day & Staff Installation" - Food, Fun and Musical Entertainment (9 am - 3 pm).  Hot dogs will be provided at no cost!  If the first letter in your last name begins with A-N, please bring a Dessert, if the first letter of your last name begins with M-Z, please bring a salad.  Do not miss it!

* Tues., Sept. 9th - "Back-to-School Night" Meet the Staff and Classroom Orientation    (6:30 pm - 8 pm)


2014-15 School Year Calendar - click on link to view the calendar!


* Available in the office right now, you can purchase your Bibles ($5), Planners ($5), and Hymnals ($10)


* Supply lists are also available for all grades in the front office or contact the school secretary at or 

(510) 278-2598

Cougar Camp Logo

* Please make sure you have filled out your RenWeb application on-line before August 21st!  Go to  District Code is:  CVL-CA.   Use your family e-mail address and fill out your application and emergency form.  If you have any questions, please contact Mrs. Schibler School Office at (510) 278-2598 or


Work Party Volunteers  



Volunteers are needed to assist us on our First Day of School, Thursday, August 21st at 8:00 a.m., with meet and greet all new and returning students and parents, registration, book sales, helping with coffee and donuts.  Please contact Mrs. Schibler at the front desk before the August 21st at (510) 278-2598 or via e-mail at and she will be happy to provide you with further information.  This time will be applied towards your PPP hours!

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Calvary Lutheran Church & School Personnel Change

Personnel Change Announcement
August 13, 2014
For Immediate Release

Calvary Lutheran Church & School
Personnel Changes

Calvary Lutheran School
I wanted to inform you of a personnel change that taking immediate effect at Calvary Lutheran School.  Principal Fred Brauer will no longer be with Calvary Lutheran School.  Mrs. Luehr's, our first/second grade teacher will be assuming the role of interim Principal.  Dr. Michael Chivalette will be taking on the 5/6 grade classroom and serve as Vice-Principal in charge of School Administration.

I want to thank Principal Brauer for his work and dedication at Calvary Lutheran School for the past few years!  His dedication to education, students and Calvary have been greatly appreciated.

Dr. Chivalette, or "Dr. C.," comes to us with the highest recommendations for his work in taking Christian Schools to the 'next level.'  He does this by team building, a continuous growth in academic excellence, parental involvement and communication.

Dr. C. and his wife, Carol, come to us from the East Coast.  We will be officially welcoming them on Sunday, August 24'th at the Teacher Installation and school/church potluck.  I would encourage you to meet and welcome them.  A "Welcome to California" basket will be available for gifts to help them in their cross country move.

Dr. C. and Carol are also urgently seeking a home to rent or rent to own.  They have no children but some small furry family members called dogs.

With any welcome, there is a good-bye.  I again wanted to thank Principal Brauer for his service to Calvary Lutheran School