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November E-Chronicle

NOVEMBER E-Chronicle 2012


This is an exciting time for us.......Christmas will soon be here and then in early January our new Shepherd will arrive. We have been in communication with Pastor Smith and his last sermon in Michigan will be December 2nd.   He has some vacation time left so he is going to take some time in traveling here and said he might be here in time to worship with us on Christmas day. Tentatively he will be installed the first or second Sunday in January. He has made a request of the leaders of Calvary and the members of Calvary to read the book of Nehemiah. Appears that is one of his favorite books of the Bible and will be having a sermon series on it upon his arrival. The Elders hope and pray that Calvary will welcome Pastor Smith with open arms and support him with our God given talents.
The Elders are leaning towards waiting for Pastor Smith to be on board before we start any new Bible Class series or to change our worship schedule.
We are really excited to see what God has in store for us. The world we are living in presents many challenges that are in contradiction to what God desires for his creation and those he created. There are so many things that are drawing people away from worship and carrying out the plan that God established for Calvary over 60 years ago.   Nehemiah rallied the children of Israel to rebuild the wall....working together.....overcoming criticism and challenge and fighting off discouragement.   Can you just imagine what God can do through Calvary if we all work together?????


A word from Pastor Kelly Smith...

In November we are giving Thanks to God for the Call we have received to serve and lead the people of Calvary in proclaiming the Good News!  And as the Passover feast ends with the words "Next year in Jerusalem," we look forward to celebrating Thanksgiving "Next year in San Lorenzo!"

Yours in Christ,
Pastor Kelly

Dear Christian Friends,
All of us would like to thank all of you for the prayers and kind support given to our family over the past few months. It was challenging at times to care for our parents, but God has blessed us as a family through this journey and taught us many lessons. This "season of loss and mourning" has been much easier to go through thanks to love of friends like you! We so   appreciate all of the food donated to the funeral receptions for both Dad and Mom. It was wonderful to celebrate their lives with so many friends and family members! God is good and we rejoice at His abundant love as demonstrated to us by so many people during this journey. Thank you all for your great kindness!
Love in Jesus,
Diane, Pauline, Trudy, and Ann Marie
"The Stafne Girls"

 ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ 
Sunday School
10:15am in the Calvary Club Room.  Hope to see your kids there!!
 ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ 
Adult Choir
Led by Carol Liston- Practices at 8am on Sunday mornings
Performances on Sunday, Nov. 4 at 9am and Thursday, Nov. 22 at 10am. 
NO Practice on Nov. 11. 
 ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ 
All Saint's Sunday- Nov. 4 
During our 9am service we will acknowledge Calvary Saints that have gone home to be with our Lord this year.  (Dean Balk, Anna Beasley, Rita Lowe, Adolph and Mabel Stafne)

 ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ 
Men's Bible/Breakfast, Thursday's
(6-7am Parish Hall)
Will resume November 8 
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~  

 November 14 - Fresh & Easy Fundraiser (shop from 4-8pm, turn in receipt, CLS makes $1  for every $20 spent)
November 17- Dean Balk's Memorial Service at 1pm  
w/Ice cream social to follow, in Dean's honor. 
November 22- 10am Thanksgiving Service w/ Choir 
November 25- Single Treasures 12:30pm 

Gift cards Available
Weekdays in the office and Sunday after church
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
 ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ 

Prayers of Calvary  


For the birth of baby Jada Abigail Ramos on Oct. 22

Peace in the World
President Obama and our country's leadership - For our soldiers in
Afghanistan: Frank Mitchell II; for those who are overseas Thomas Caspersen, Justin Higgins; for those in the Reserves- Jonathan Ellis; Talitha Benz, now stationed in Arizona

For our Staff
Fred Brauer; Margie Luehrs; Chrystle Vincent; Traci McClain; Christina Grace; Bethany Chhom; Ellen Hackerd; Kristi Morlock; Mike Souza; Doug Henry; Kim Heggins; Blenda Schultz; Sherrie Akre; Carol Liston; Cecilia Guerra; Cindy Suppus; Lydiana Sanchez; Holly Contier; Pastor Lu

Peace and Comfort
For the family of Mabel and Adolph Stafne
, for the family of Dean Balk  
Cancer Patients
Joanna Chan; Richard Cole; Melody Saldate; Pat Brown; Evelyn Asker

Linnea Greer, fluid on her heart; Ann Olds; Rosalie Ellis; John Ohanesian; Flynn Family

Expectant mothers
Jacqulyn Riley; Becky (Saldate) Banke- due Dec.; Melissa McCartney- due January; Youn Mitchell- due Feb.

Unemployed and underemployed

Jerrie Moyer
(Please email or call the church office 278-2555 to update your prayer requests. Requests will be removed after 3 weeks unless otherwise informed, Thank you)  
Life in 3rd & 4th Grade at CLS  

Dear Members of Calvary Church and School,
            Life in 3rd and 4th grade is challenging yet exciting all at the same time. All the students are working very hard and are having an awesome time in school! One of our favorite things is meeting with our kindergarten reading buddies every week and reading and playing with them.
            The 3rd graders are working hard on learning cursive, memorizing math facts, writing stories and good paragraphs, and lots of reading! The 4th graders are super busy learning to write longer paragraphs and stories, reading more, and practicing and reviewing our multiplication facts by being timed every day.
            A few things we have learned about this year is: Canada, the skeletal system, reading and making maps, our ears, important rivers around the world, the parts of the Bible, the Trinity, who God is, what it means to be a Christian, and tools we use to study to the Bible. We are also getting ready to write and illustrate our very own book!

            I asked the students what they loved about Calvary Lutheran School and this is what they have to say!

4th Grade
Devon: "We have the best status of learning."
Felipe: "We get to learn a lot of neat and interesting things."
Danika: "I get to meet new friends and learn about God!"

3rd Grade
Kylie: "There are GREAT teachers!"
Bethany: "It is a really fun place! It is 5 Star School!"
Ryan: "You can go to church during the week and you can praise God every day!"
Destiny: "There are great teachers who make learning fun!"
Riley: "IT'S AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I MEAN IT IS A 5 STAR SCHOOL!!!!!"
Tyanna: "Miss Grace is the funniest teacher in the world, there are great teachers, and I get to go to chapel every Wednesday!"
Ethan: "There are lots of fun surprises like field trips, free dress, book fairs, etc."
Kyle: "I am learning so much! I learn about God every day! I am going to be President thanks to Calvary!"
Apolonia: "Calvary Lutheran School is awesome because you get to learn about God."
AprilMarie: "We have great teachers and PE is a blast! Mr. Souza has the best PE classes ever!"
Alejandra: "You get to learn so many different things! My favorite is learning math."

There are always fun and exciting things going on in our classroom. We thank you for your prayers and support as we continue to learn and grow in our studies and faith.

 God's Blessings,
Miss Grace and the Third and Fourth Grade Class

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