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Exciting invitation from Calvary Lutheran Church & School

"Baked Potato Bonanza"
Dear Calvary Families,
Join us on Sunday, January 29 at our 10am Fellowship service where our 6th Gr. Partners in Worship perform a skit "Seeking What Was Lost". 

Following the service we will have a "Baked Potato Bonanza" with all the trimmings, salad and dessert.
CLS Open House & Art/Academic Fair
Weds., February 1st    6:30-8pm
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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Feb 2012

February 2012
Calvary E-Chronicle
Pastor's Ponderings

"This column is rated PG"
They said it couldn't be done - BUT we've done it! We have survived 6 months as pastor and people-what a great accomplishment. I know I could not have made it without a lot of help from each of you. Thanks to all who fill in to pick up the pieces I do not cover. Please join me every day as we pray for the pastor God has chosen for Calvary. That process is at the CNH District right now and soon we should receive a list of possible candidates. In this list will be the six candidates we have suggested and the district will give us more information on their availability along with their spiritual gifts as well as other names and the gifts they suggest other candidates could bring to Calvary.


San Lorenzo has changed since Calvary Called Pastor Jim, 10 years ago. The demographics of San Lorenzo show that the white population of San Lorenzo is 35% lower-now making up about 30% of San Lorenzo; the Hispanic population has risen 60% to almost 40% of San Lorenzo's population; and the Asian population has increased more than 50% to near 30% of our population. In addition, studies done in the Alameda County indicate that the language spoken at home in 55% of the homes in this county is NOT English. This means that our opportunity to reach our neighborhood is more difficult in English and a bi-lingual pastor could be a great blessing to us.


God has lead us through Advent and Christmas and now we move into Lent and our Easter celebrations later this month. I hope you are looking forward to our mid-week Lenten services. Our theme will be "God's Gift of Forgiveness" and during those 7 weeks we will read seven penitential psalms (6, 32, 38, 51, 102, 130, & 143). In addition, Pastors Paul Aldrich from Zion, Piedmont and Mark Oatman from St Peter/Grace will be rotating with me in leading these services. Again, Soup Supper will take place at 5:45pm followed by worship at 7pm each Wednesday evening.


The weekly Themes will be: Feb. 22-Pastor Gary will preach on Psalm 32 "Hiding from God or Hiding in God?"; Feb. 29-Pastor Paul will preach on Psalm 6 "Save Me Because of Your Unfailing Love"; March 7- Pastor Mark will preach on Psalm 38 "Come Quickly to Help Me"; March 14-Pastor Gary will preach on Psalm 102 "God's Enduring Presence for You"; March 21-Pastor Paul will preach on Psalm 51 "Against You and For Me"; March 28-Pastor Mark will preach on Psalm 143 "Teach Me Your Will, For You Are My God". During Holy Week on Maundy Thursday Pastor Gary will preach on Psalm 116 "Delivered"; on Good Friday Psalm 130 "Divine Forgetfulness". I hope to worship with you during this important time in our Christian walk. 


Pastor Gary


 February Sermon Themes What Does God Do For You Now?

Feb 5 - "God Belongs in Your Home" Mark 1:29-39

Feb 12 - "God Is Willing to Meet Your Needs" Mark 1:40-45

Feb 19 - "God Is Your Hero" Mark 9:2-9

Feb 26 - "God Goes Into the Wilderness for You" Mark 1:9-13


Special Services

February 22 Ash Wednesday 7pm (NO soup supper)

April 5 Maundy Thursday 7pm

April 6 Good Friday 7:30pm 


Lenten Services 7pm with 5:45pm soup supper to precede  

February 29   

March 7, 14, 21 & 28    


February Calendar 

Men's Bible Breakfast
Thursday mornings
6-7am Parish Hall

Prayer Quilt Ministry
Weds. 9am-12pm
Parish Hall

(Middle School Youth)
February 10  
(service project, clean up the marina)
February 27 
Sky High


 The Experience 
(Sr. High Youth)
Sundays, 6-8pm

Adult/ Children's Sunday School
(kindergarten - 10th Gr.)

Adult Choir 
(led by Carol Liston)
Sundays from 9-9:30am in church
Beginning February 5th

 Wittenberg Manor 
Join us on the 3rd Sunday of the Month at 2pm for worship at Wittenberg


Available Sundays after 8am service and weekdays in church office

Address Update:

Ryan & Jamie Ernst

2577 Lancaster Ct

Santa Clara, CA 95051


Frank & Ann Marie Mitchell

8350 Cypress Court  

Dublin, CA  94568    



Received as New Members on January 29, 2012:

Fred, Karla, Justin, Klayton & Jordyn Brauer

2853 Rutherford Court

Livermore, CA  94550


Judi Molini

5150 Seaview Ave.

Castro Valley, CA  94546


Walt & Linda Knoedler

431 Oxford St. 

Hayward, CA  94541


Bill & Virginia Oliver

15536 Montreal St.

    San Leandro, CA  94579     

Upcoming Ministerial Recruitment Visit
Have you ever considered being a pastor or deaconess?  If so, Rev. Kyle Castens from Concordia Seminary, St. Louis would like to meet with you at Prince of Peace Lutheran Church, Fremont on Weds., Feb. 8 any time between 1 & 3pm.  Rev. Castens is interested in meetinig with prospective seminary students of all ages- elementary school age through adults who are already employed in another vocation.  Conferences are individual, informal and family/friends are welcome.  Reservations are not necessary, but strongly encouraged. 

Are YOU Ready for a Choir at Calvary?

     Carol has graciously offered to direct a choir and Easter is coming! So, all you singers, plan now to join the choir. We will rehearse on Sunday mornings between 9AM worship and Bible class at 9:30AM. If Pastor gets too wordy in worship, we may be a few minutes late for Bible class. Those who attend 10:45 worship, come early and sing with us.

     The First Choir practice will be held, Sunday, February 5th at 9AM. We look forward to singing praises to God with YOU and YOU.

     I have also been on Mr. Fred Brauer to get his trumpet in tune for Easter. He invites all other brass players to let him know of your talents. Let's make this a grand service of worship and praise-a joyful noise to the Lord. God deserves it and we get to enjoy the results. I'm sure we will have a few songs to sing before Easter, so pray about this musical adventure unfolding before us. PG

February Anniversaries  

2/1    Frank & Maria Mitchell        43 years

2/14  Ray & Hannelore Avalos      14 years 

2/15  Gary & Leanne Mueller        20 years  

2/21  Dave & Marlene Mueller      53 years 

2/27  Lee & Joyce Strom                 47 years 


February Birthdays

2/1       Nolan Glock

2/3       Linnea Greer

2/6       Bob Dailey

            Cindy Strom

2/7       Jessica Keay

2/8       Sarah Silva

2/9       Tom Caspersen

            Sandy Silva

2/12     Esther Garguilo

2/17     Rev. John Geach

2/20     Bethany Chhom

2/21     Calliott Scheuermann

            Ricardo De LaCruz

2/24     Ashleigh Heggins

2/25     Kevin Pye

2/26     Pat Ahnstrom

            Cindy Schultz

2/27     Alexander Corcoran

Calvary Prayers


For the engagement of Becky Silva & David Aubrey; For Marlene Mueller's successful surgery; For Carol Liston and her 30 plus years in the teaching ministry and sharing her musical talents-  Calvary has truly been blessed; for Conrad Skjong's successful carpal tunnel surgery 

Peace in the World

President Obama and our country's leadership - For our soldiers in Afghanistan: Kyle Hyden, nephew of Skjong's; and for Frank Mitchell II, Thomas Caspersen and Antonio Landaverde who are overseas; for Jonathan Ellis

For our Staff

Fred Brauer; Margie Luehrs; Chrystle Vincent; Traci McClain; Amy Sosa; Christina Grace; Bethany Chhom; Carol Liston; Ellen Hackerd; Kristi Morlock; Abby Einspahr; Mike Souza; Doug Henry; Kim Heggins; Blenda Schultz; Michelle Michael; Sherrie Akre; Cecilia Guerra; Cindy Suppus; Lydiana Sanchez; Holly Contier; Pastor Gary

Ministry Guidance
For our interim ministry need; Marketing Ideas; Wittenberg Manor   Outreach; Evangelism; Children's, Family and Youth Ministries; Parish Education; School Enrollment
Peace and Comfort
For the Lowe family, Rita passed away on 1/21; For the passing of Stuart Vincent's mom, Thelma Vincent (96 years young); Larry Caspersen's Family (Larry passed away on 1/17 at home)
Cancer Patients

Dee Lazaga (Edith Mena's sister), ovarian cancer; Rita Lowe; Evelyn Asker; Joyce Schwartz, Leanne Mueller's mother; Bettie Benz' son-in-law, Stephen Comfort; Pat Brown; Melody Saldate; Wanda Grimm

Physical, Emotional or Spiritual Healing

Mel Remmertt; Millie Salo; Frank Mitchell; Mabel Stafne; Susan Hoffman; Bill Olsen, Annette English's dad; Esther Garguilo; Willine Watson; Marlene Mueller; Angela Garcia; Adolph Stafne; Marie Curtis; Van Deckert; John Ohanesian; Tyler & Dave Flynn

Expectant mothers

Stephanie Mendia- due June; Emily Blank- due June 16; Candice Kofsky- due March; Vicki Blank- due March; Tiffanie Kelly- due Feb. 10; Carol Liston's daughter, Melissa Piering- due Feb.

Personal Needs & Other Concerns

Marriage difficulties; elderly parents and those in need of employment

Travel Mercies

Lee & Joyce Strom; Phil & Carmen Caspersen



Please help to keep prayer requests current.

Call the church office with updates. Thank you. 278-2555.

Laugh Your Way to a Better Marriage 
"This is not one of those 'lets beat up on the men for not being women'  seminars.  Men are men! We're not sick, we're not twisted, we're not broken... we're men.  And God made us that way for a reason."  Mark Gungar
Video Seminar 
Prince of Peace Lutheran Church 
February 24 & 25 
38451 Fremont Blvd. Fremont, CA  94536 
Friday 7-10pm     Saturday 9-12:30pm
BOG Minutes 


December 15, 2011


PRESENT   Barbara Adams, Jeff Jensen, Lee Strom, Darlene Goldhammer, Pastor Mohr


Minutes from December 1, 2011 approved by email.

Pastor opened with a devotion based on Rev. 2:12-17, which was the letter to the church at Pergamos where Satan literally had a throne and an altar which was called "the Seat of Satan." The throne/altar was 40' high from which the surrounding area could be seen. The church was being persecuted but was holding on by faith to the words of the law and gospel. The struggle was intense, questioning whether Jesus was really man or really God. Worship of Baalim and other idols, along with sexual immorality, was being taught. Emperor Constantine promoted Christian teachings along with pagan ideas. God told the believers they had to repent or He would fight against them with His double- edged sword of the word. God's desire then and now was to have an intimate relationship with the church; this happens when we devote time to the word and prayer and when we take communion.

PASTOR'S REPORT   Pastor said that the question of changing our regular service times had been presented to the Elders and they had taken it under consideration with various possible modifications. Pastor also discussed with Principal Fred Brauer his interest in being part of the Call Committee representing the school.



  • Treasurer Jeff Jensen stated that an audit of church finances was currently taking place using a person recommended by the Synod.
  • Two members were contacted to consider becoming BOG members; both have declined at this time. We will revisit the situation early in the New Year.
  • Calvary's ministry to Wittenberg was discussed and how we might expand it. Pastor indicated that there are two retired ministers in the area; he will contact them to see if either would like to volunteers to minister to the people at Wittenberg. Communication with members is limited to bulletin board announcements and items in their newspaper.   Barbara Adams will contact the administrator to see if Christmas caroling may take place on December 18. Our members will be notified by email and the Sunday bulletin, so we hope to have a group available to sing in the halls.
  • Barbara Adams met with Christina Grace from the Youth Committee. Christina said it would be a great help if two couples were available to meet with the group on alternating meeting times and assume responsibility for some of the activities. Fred Brauer and Barbara Adams will also meet with Brian Pye.
  • We will be establishing a beautification committee for the sanctuary. The church has received a $10,000 memorial gift in memory of Wilma Ramirez, which will be used. The discussion about the need for this began in September when we were challenged to take a look at the sanctuary from the perspective of a first time visitor. This will not be a permanent committee.
  • The following housing allowance amounts have been approved for the teaching staff for the next year.

Fred Brauer                       $79,535

Bethany Chhom                 14,106

Abby Einspahr                   14,000

Christina Grace                 14,664

Ellen Hackerd                    20,720

Margie Luehrs                   27,000

Carol Liston                       49,210

Kristi Morlock                    22,640




  • We discussed the need for an evangelism committee and the need for each of us to look at all we do for others as evangelism. Any care we extend to a friend or neighbor is a form of creating a bond with another person, whether it is raking a lawn or providing a meal. This bond may make it possible at some time to share the gospel.
  • Residents of Wittenberg I and II have no way to go from one building to the other without going outside. We recommend that a breezeway be built between the buildings to include fire escapes, allowing residents easy indoor access between buildings. The hope is this will encourage attendance by residents from both buildings for our Sunday praise services and weekly Bible studies.
  • Greeters for the Wednesday night Christmas program will be from the Quilters and LWML group.
  • The parsonage has been rented as of December 15 with a one-year lease.
  • Men's Breakfast/Bible Study will resume January 12, 2012.


The meeting was closed with prayer by all present.


Respectfully submitted,

BOG Secretary, Darlene Goldhammer


January meetings: Jan. 12 and Jan. 26




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